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Creative Services
Real Madrid USA Summer Tour Poster

Live and breathe your brand

Empowering brands with best-in-class data, creative strategy, activation and conversion marketing.

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Community Development
ICC T20 World Cup Poster

We manage over 400m followers

Harnessing the energy of fandom for your brand - we have the blueprint for engaged digital communities.

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Content Hub
LIV Golf Orlando Poster

Creative with purpose

Don't settle for looking like everyone else. We will make sure you are leading the pack.

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Audience Growth
Adam Peaty Gold Medal poster

Find them, engage them

Content and strategy that reaches new fans, and energises your exisiting audience.

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Production behind the scenes image

Let the story unfold

Our creative services & production teams have the wherewithal to ideate, produce and engage award winning campaigns and long form content.

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Performance Marketing
Wallabies v England promotional series poster

More than vanity metrics

Efficient and effective customer acquisition, first party data capture, direct revenue generation and more.

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Metrics image

Accessible metrics

To capture data and monitor performance, we have assembled the most comprehensive toolset in our sector, with global analysts ready to answer the questions most important to you.

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Insights image

Directional insights

Supports your teams with Insights, content & platform specialists, we surface the key metrics and show you solutions across your SWOT analysis.

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graph and data image

Living in the real world

Servicing, advising and executing with and across some of the biggest and most eclectic events, brands and rights owners on the planet, we have broad, in-depth and real-time knowledge.

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screengrab of wrike interface

10 year tech investment

EDP workflow, tech & storage solutions underpin the digital content delivery of global IP owners and events in sport.

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Media Asset Management screegrab

Media Asset Management

Joined up solutions around ingest, clipping, streaming, reporting, authentication & remote access.

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Content Capture
shot of a CGI set creation

Cloud based studios

Global content capture capabilities. Frictionless onboarding of talent and live events. CGI set creation for broadcast quality output.

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Always Evolving

FIFAE Finals Poster

Level up your community

Welcome to the fastest growth area in our business. The crossover with Sport, Gaming & eSport is key. Understand gaming, understand the future next gen communities.

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Bridge to India
Bridge to India promotional poster

Access the #1 growth market

With a full service operation in Mumbai & Bangalore we support the biggest international and leading domestic brands looking to access this growth market.

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mixture of logos that have partnered with EDP

Partners in more than name

In the pursuit of getting better outcomes, we licence the best 3rd party tools, invest in the development of hybrid solutions or strike partnerships that significantly increase our client value proposition.

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Our offices

EDP Europe

A message from London

A multi-language, multi discipline team servicing our European & International client base with best in class advisory content, tech delivery and event support services.

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EDP India

A word from Bangalore

A group across Bangalore & Mumbai working for the most prestigious Indian badges in the region along with International brands looking to bread into a market with one of the most exciting demographic profiles in the world.

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EDP Australia

A postcard from down under

The newest and fastest-growing offices at EDP, having established ourselves by supporting events, competitions and brands across some of the most prestigious and well known sporting bodies and clubs.

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